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QDG Blog

City of Chicago Plumbing Code: Changing of the Guard

On April 10, 2019, the City of Chicago issued an announcement that the City of Chicago will have the first comprehensive revisions to the building code in 70 years and will make construction in Chicago more affordable and sustainable by expanding options to design and build with a wider range of materials and technologies.


What insulation values do I need for my building?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our architectural clients. While the question seems straightforward on the surface, the answer depends on a myriad of critical factors. Everything from building materials to climate zone location – including the structure's orientation to the sun – has a dramatic effect on insulation requirements.


Tank or No Tank: Navigating the Sea of Hot Water Options…

Having hot water available at any time is something we don’t even think about – until the water runs cold. Ever try to finish a shower or rinse dishes when the hot water runs out? While there are a variety of ways to ensure a steady supply of hot water for residential and business use; two of the most common methods are via tank and tankless water heaters – each with their own pros and cons.


Ventilation for Gas Fired Equipment

Gas fired equipment requires a continuous air flow in order to support the combustion process. Ventilation for gas fired equipment is the process of replacing the air necessary for proper equipment operation. The amount of ventilation provided must equal or exceed the air flow demands for all of the gas fired equipment within a structure. The requirements for combustion and dilution air for gas-fired appliances shall be in accordance with the Fuel Gas Section of the Florida Building Code. 


Water Damaged Electrical Equipment

With the recent land falling of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many coastal and low lying areas have received wide spread water damage to many residential and commercial facilities electrical systems. This has not only resulted in damaged/destroyed electrical equipment but has posed an electrical shock hazard that has been a contributing factor to the loss of human life due to submerged electrical equipment and wiring. Before any evaluations or inspection are preformed the electrical current should be removed from the equipment and tested to insure that it has truly been de-energized.


Water Temperature Controls

Having tempered and/or hot water in your building may be a mandate by state or local codes but it also adds to the comfort of the building occupants. 


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QDG News

Quest Design Group Hires Senior MEP Designer

Nashville, TN – Quest Design Group (QDG) hired Brett A. Cook Sr. to work in the Nashville office as senior-level mechanical, electrical and plumbing designer. As an experience designer and project manager, Mr. Cook brings a wealth of knowledge and relationships that will augment QDG’s production team and fuel continued growth for the business.


QDG Engineers 13-Story Building in Chicago

Oak Brook, IL – Quest Design Group (QDG) is pleased to announce the completion of 56 West Huron, a 13-story high-rise residential building with an enclosed parking garage located on the North side of Chicago.


QDG Project Completion: Ascension of Our Lord

Oak Brook, IL – Quest Design Group (QDG) is pleased to announce the substantial completion of the Ascension of Our Lord project.


Quest Design Group Hires Summer Interns

Oak Brook, IL – Quest Design Group hired two interns for the summer to work in the company headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.


QDG Designs Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems for Six Downtown Condominiums

Sarasota, FL – The Sarasota office of Quest Design Group is riding the wave of condominium construction in Downtown Sarasota. With four projects in the design phase and two projects under construction, QDG has more than 380,000 square feet of mixed-use and multi-family residential development in the works.


QDG Designs New Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems for Sailor Circus

Sarasota, FL – Representatives from Quest Design Group (QDG) attended the grand opening and dedication of the renovated Sailor Circus Arena to experience first-hand how their contributions have transformed the iconic building located on Bahia Vista Street. The $4.5 million renovation of the 28,050 square foot building upgraded the restrooms, lighting, flooring, catering space, and for the first time in it’s 70-year history, air conditioning for the entire arena.


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