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Non-Potable Water for Toilet Flushing

As the thought of conserving water continues to increase more people are looking for ways to reduce the wasteful use of potable water. Over the past 25 years we have seen how effective the code-mandated low-flow faucets and showerheads as well as low flush rate toilets and urinals have been in reducing potable water consumption. An effective way to reduce the strain on potable water resources is by using alternative non-potable sources of water to flush toilets and urinals.


Specifying Residential Air Filters

Air filtration should not be taken lightly. Most residential air filters are contained within the home’s air handling unit and are typically a one-inch pleated type with a MERV (Maximum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 5.


Energy Efficient Lighting Design

The 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) has seen a reduction in interior lighting power allowances for all occupancies as listed in Table C405.5.2(1). The reduction of these allowances (measured as watts per square foot) has necessitated the specification of more energy efficient luminaires, and LED lamps in projects. Older lamp types, such as fluorescent and incandescent, are unable to meet the stricter guidelines set out in the 2015 IECC.


Design Considerations for Wall-Hung Toilets

Toilets may not be a high priority when property owners select a design team to make their visions a reality. But when they’re looking for a clean and simple appearance, architects may extend this design philosophy into the building’s ...


City of Chicago Code Memorandum: Gas Distribution Piping Requirements

This code memorandum clarifies and puts into writing to all designers, installers, and inspectors what the City of Chicago requirements are for gas piping. The items noted in the memorandum incorporate the National Fuel Gas Code, along with industry standards for gas piping installation inside of a building.


FP&L Rebates For HVAC Systems

Florida Power & Light currently provides business rebates that apply to five (5) types of energy efficient Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The types of equipment include new and retrofit installations of chillers, direct expansion (DX) systems, Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems (ERV’s), Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), and Thermal Energy Storage (TES).


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QDG News

Quest Design Group Hires Summer Intern

Sarasota, FL – Quest Design Group hired a summer intern to work in the company’s Sarasota office. Frank Alverez, who will be a high school junior at Pine View School for the Gifted, is interested in pursuing a career in Architectural Engineering. Frank was born in New Jersey and moved to Sarasota at the age of one. His previous experience


QDG To Provide Engineering Services for Ascension of Our Lord

Chicago, IL – Quest Design Group (QDG) was selected to provide engineering services for the Ascension of Our Lord church located in Lincolnshire, Illinois.


QDG Hosts Appreciation Event at Ed Smith Stadium

Sarasota, FL – Quest Design Group (QDG), an engineering firm with offices on Sarasota, Florida and Oakbrook, Illinois, sponsored a client and employee appreciation event to watch the Orioles play the Rays at Ed Smith Stadium on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. “We usually spend all day at the computer designing systems for architects, but every once


Louvers for Commercial Building Construction

Sarasota, FL – Christopher (Chris) Baker, the V.P. of Engineering and a Professional Engineer at Quest Design Group (QDG) presented the topic “Louvers for Commercial Building Construction” to DSDG Architects in Sarasota, Florida on Thursday, February 23, 2017.


QDG to Provide Engineering Services for Church of the Redeemer

Sarasota, FL –  Quest Design Group (QDG) was selected to provide engineering services for the Church of the Redeemer located at 222 South Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota.


Quest Design Group Hires Senior Project Manager

Chicago, IL – (February 20, 2017) – Quest Design Group (QDG) hired Ivan Henderson to work in the Chicago office as Senior Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer. Mr. Henderson is a multi-disciplined and licensed PE with more than 40 years of experience.


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